Vivek Pateshwari
A Guinness World Record Achiever, An Entrepreneur and a startup enthusiast


Male, 30

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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4 Years
30-60 min
Co-Founder & CEO,,
'C-Level' Title
Internet , Entertainment
Masters in Business Administration, IIM Calcutta; IIT Kharagpur


A Seasoned Marketer with around 4 years of experience diversified across FMCG, Consumer durable, Lighting, Manufacturing & Venture Capital industries. He has worked in the core strategy teams of leading brands & early-stage companies in India and Middle East. He has been inclined to the Entertainment industry and always wanted to do something in the domain during his MBA program at IIM Calcutta. In March 2015, he single-handedly organized one of the largest events in the history of Qatar – Achieved the Guinness World Record for the Largest Human Smiley, followed by a concert featuring a renowned Bollywood singer. He realized the need to organize the events industry and hence, took a plunge into the world of startups with his maiden offering - InviteMyGuest. He is also certified Green Belt in Six Sigma from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, and a B. Tech. graduate from IIT Kharagpur.

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Guest lectures, workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing & general management

Omkar Parab (Host)

I ,on behalf of whole Atrang'17 team and IIIT Trichy want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences among us.

Your inspiring life journey, Never give-up attitude, your years of research and depth of insights about Start-Ups, and your ability to present all this in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable talk sessions in IIIT Trichy history. Since Govt. Of India has initiated 'Start-Up India' campaign, your talk proved to be very timely.


English, Hindi


  • Professional / expert: Consulting, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Social Service, Others
  • Speaker: Career Counselor, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Motivational, Training

Event Type

School / college, Conferences & seminars, Non-Profit / Pro Bono, Community


  • Guinness World Record for Largest Human Smiley, Doha
  • Green Belt in Six Sigma by ISI Delhi


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