Prof. Dr. S Ramesh Babu
A Scientist credited to have the highest no. of World Records (53) & National Records (9) in India!



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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34 Years
60-1440 min
Founder Director, TOWCFE,
'C-Level' Title
Social Service , Engineering
Doctorate (Phd), IISc Bangalore; Bangalore University


Consolidating his rich experience of over 35 years in 15 centers of excellence in 4 countries, in the fields of research, teaching and extra curricular activities – notably his passion for setting records in highly diversified fields (he has set 61 Records in all, including 52 World Records), Prof. Ramesh Babu founded the “TOP OF THE WORLD” CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE, in July, 1999. The main objective of the center is to identify, encourage and nurture the hidden talents of our Indian community. To fulfill this objective, several need based (total of 31) programmes have been conceived and scientifically designed to cater to the needs of school and college students, teachers, parents, engineering students and working professionals.

1. To make a mark as a Scientist by working in unexplored areas to generate new knowledge, develop novel experimental techniques and economize Steel making processes
2. To be the Indian with the highest number of WORLD RECORDS.

It is my dream to be able to give free lecture programmes to about 10,000 needy people every year, as long as I live. I am confident in my capability to motivate and transform these 10,000 people who would attend my programme. Unfortunately, I am not sufficiently rich to afford giving these free programmes on such a massive scale. Therefore, I am looking for philanthropists who could help me build a substantial corpus fund so that I can utilize the interest earned out of this corpus fund for my free programmes, and also to partly use this amount for meeting my huge record expenses ( So far, 80 % of my 61 record expenses have all been borne by me from my earned savings). I could be helped either by way of :
1. a one time generous donation by the affording and willing donors ; or
2. through arrangement of a large number of my motivational and educational workshops in their institutions ( or in other institutions of their contact) on a payment basis ; or
3. to get helped by a large number of willing individuals to purchase painstakingly edited and prepared special set of 4 unique DVDs ( priced at Rs 5,000 in India and US $ 200 for those abroad, including the postal charges) which contain the video clippings of my 53 World Records and 9 National Records, about 40 TV and AIR Interviews, the complete set of authentication documents of all the 62 records that I have set such as log-books, about 150 news paper clippings, record photographs, letters from the adjudicators, Officially recognized record certificates, etc., and highlights of my credentials.

Cycling - 1 NR
Scooter Driving - 1 WR
Car Driving - 2 NR
Shuttle Badminton - 4 WR
Table Tennis - 5 WR, 1 NR
Lawn Tennis - 2 WR
Carrom - 3 WR
Throw Ball - 2 WR
Basket Ball - 3 WR
Skipping - 3 WR
Frisbee - 3 WR
Football - 1 WR
Kite Making & Flying - 5 WR, 3 NR
Exercising - 4 WR
Cooking - 3 WR
Gardening - 4 WR
Oratory - 3 WR, 1 NR
Paper Plane Making & Flying - 2 WR
Gift Wrapping - 1 WR
Envelope making - 1 WR
Note Book Wrappering - 1 WR
Autographing - 1 WR
Human Logo Formation - 1 WR
Misc - 1 NR

Performance/Service details

- A Scientific Approach to Examination Preparation
- Winning a Job with Ease (CV prep, GD, Interviews)
- Research Project Report Preparation Fundamentals
- Fundamentals of Effective Communication
- Endless Surfing on Record Waves (Motivational Lecture on his 61 records)

- "Making the Noble Profession Nobler": Motivates teachers to realize their onerous tasks in nation building
- Fundamentals of Effective Teaching
- Morals and Ethics
- The Joy and Challenges in Moulding the Youngsters
- Innovative Methods of Educating School Going Children
- Innovative Methods of Teaching College Students
- The Joy of Teaching Efficiently
- Fundamentals of Effective Communication
- Faculty Evaluation Programme

- Role of Parents in Educating their Children
- Examination Preparation - The Responsibilities of Parents
- Spending Quality Time With Family

- “Skills To Excel” – a 15 days workshop aimed at equipping the participants with varieties of skills such as communication, creative writing, compeering, acting, miming, cooking, gardening, arts & crafts, documentation, special computer operating skills, etc.
- “Grooming World Record Setters” – Any body aspiring to be on ‘top of the world’ will be inspired and motivated to achieve their life’s goal, by systematically exposing them to the various facets of setting world records such as : concentration, time management, planning, documentation, stamina building, etc., with liberal audio and video clippings.
- "Endless Surfing on Record Waves” - A motivating lecture to excel in life in one’s chosen field of interest, based on my own personal experience in setting 50 world records in highly diversified areas.
- “The Exciting World of Hobbies” - Enables people to realize and tap their own hidden potentials that would bring extra charm in their life, by way of pursuing a hobby that interests them and thus indirectly contributing to more enthusiastically and energetically engage in their day-to-day work.
- "The Joy of Achieving Efficiency at Work"
- "Fundamentals of Effective oral Communication"
- “Kite Making and Flying”
- "Innovative Method of Learning Kannada by non-Kannadigas“
- "Pure Vegetarian South Indian Cooking"
- "101 Mistakes You can Avoid While Constructing Your House"
- “Exhibition cum Video Show “ – An exhibition of items of archival value such as : the authentication documents, photographs and news paper clippings of the 52 WORLD RECORDS and 9 NATIONAL RECORDS set by Prof. S. RAMESH BABU (SRB), innumerable prizes, awards, honours and certificates of merit won by SRB in both academic and highly diversified non-academic fields, art works made by SRB, selected exhibition worthy photographs taken by SRB, and hundreds of greetings & paintings by SRB’s daughters (both are National Level Gold Medallists) has been arranged at the hall of :top of the World” center for Excellence, Bangalore.

- Endless Surfing on Record Waves
- The Exciting World of Hobbies
- The Joy of Achieving Efficiency at Work
- Fundamentals of Effective oral Communication
- Kite Making and Flying


English, Hindi, Kannada


  • Academician: Engineering, Mathematics
  • Speaker: Career Counselor, Inspirational, Leadership, Motivational, Sports, Technical
  • Sportsperson: Badminton, Car Racing, Carrom, Football, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball
  • Trainer: Corporate
  • Writer: Academics

Event Type

School / college, Corporate, Conferences & seminars, Non-Profit / Pro Bono, Community, Professional Hiring


  • SKILLS: Mathematical modeling of Metallurgical processes, Numerical techniques,. Developing softwares, Designing novel experimental techniques, Developing need based educational workshop modules, etc.
  • 4 Patents, 7 Journal Publications, 30 Conference Papers, 24 Research Reports, 4 Unpublished works and 18 Invited Technical Talks.
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Visiting Scientist (NEUT, China,1986), Visiting Scientist (TOHOKU Univ, Japan,1986), Monbusho Fellow (Tohoku Univ, Japan,1987), Post Doctoral Research Fellow (UBC, Canada,1988), Associate Head (TCRDC, Patiala,1989), Assistant Director (NML, Jamshedpur,1990), R&D Manager (JSL, Hissar,1991), Dy.General Manager (NSL Ltd., Hyderabad,1994), General Manager – R&D (IPIL, Pune,1994), Professor (MSRIT, Bangalore,1995), Professor (PESIT, Bangalore,1997), Senior Research Scientist (AFTC, Bangalore,1999), Director( HSBPVT’s Integrated Campus, Kashti, 2010), Director (MIT, Aurangabad, 2010), Campus Director (MBTC Engg Campus, Islampur, 2012), R & D Chief (BMM ispat Ltd., Hospet, 2014 ), Founder Director, “Top of the World” Center for Excellence, Bangalore, since July,1999
  • MAJOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Gold Medal in Physics (B.Sc.), College Topper in Physics, Chemistry and PCM, President of India Best Research Paper Award, 1985, IIM Best Research Paper Award, 1993, Refereed for the International Journal of Surfaces & Colloids, USA, 150 Reprint requests from 16 countries for the Ph.D. work published, First Indian Scientist invited by the Govt. of China, etc. In addition recently recognized with over 3 dozen National and International Awards and Honours
  • MAJOR NON-ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Set 52 World and 9 National Records (Guinness, Limca Records etc..) in Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Kite Making, Bridling & Flying, Cycling, Scooter Driving, Car Driving, Lawn Tennis, Throw ball, Basket Ball, Carroms, Oratory, Vegetable Cutting, Paper Plane Making & Flying, Sanskrit Recitation, Cooking, Gift Packing, Frisbee Rally, Envelope Making, Skipping, Thread winding, Autographing, Gardening, Note Book Wrappering, Basketball, Frisbee Rally, etc. IISc Carroms Champion 1980-1984. Over 100 individual prizes during the schooling period.
  • PRESENT WORK : Founded the “ Top of the World ” Centre for Excellence in July, 1999 and in the first 9 ½ years alone, conducted 715 workshops in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi and U.P., benefited by 1,00,154 people, which is a world record.
  • Unique World Records (UWR) - (51 WRs) LIMCA Book of Records (LBR) - (49 WRs) Assist World Records Research Foundation (AWRRF) - (48 WRs) India Book of Records (IBR) - (11 WRs) Guinness Book of Records (GBR) - (2 WRs)

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