Kaustubh Khade
Asian Medalist in Kayaking. Limca Record Holder for Longest Solo Kayaking


Male, 32

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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4 Years
30-60 min
Sr. Product Manager, Purple Squirrel
Bachelors in Computer Application, IIT D


I'm a quick thinker with a penchant for the adventurous.
Trained under twelve time world Champion for Surfski Kayaking, Oscar Chalupsky, I represented India at two Asian Championships. In 2012 at the Asian Dragon Boat Championship in Pattaya. Here I won 2 silver and 1 bronze medal.
In 2013 at the Asian Sea Kayaking Championship I finished 5th.
In 2015, I kayaked solo from Mumbai to Goa in 17 days covering 400+ kms. The expedition is a Limca record for the Longest Solo Kayak in India and I raised and donated Rs. 67,000 for the NGO Magicbus.

Tanmay Jain (Host)

it was our privilege and an honor to have you here as the chief guest on the auspicious occasion of our institute sport’s festival – sangram, 2016. indeed, valuable sharing of your experience in the field of kayaking and your perspective in life will go a long way to help and guide students to priorities their objectives. we wish to have many more role models and inspiring personalities like you in our institute. the students must have learnt a lot from your professional experience, vision and services for our beloved country. your presence in ceremony has touched hearts and souls of many.




  • Sportsperson: Kayaking, Sailing, Others

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School / college, Corporate, Conferences & seminars, Non-Profit / Pro Bono, Community


  • 2 Silver Medals at the Asian Dragon Boat Championship, 2012
  • Finished 5th at the Asian Sea Kayaking Championships 2013
  • Limca Book of Records for the Longest Solo Kayaking Expedition by an Indian


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