This man just got his 53rd World Record at 60 and he’s not stopping!

At the age where most people wait for retirement, Prof. Dr. S Ramesh Babu is continuously breaking and making new records in an astonishingly wide variety of fields. Prof. Babu has been on this ambitious journey for decades, and takes it as a hobby. He set his first world record in 1993, and as of today, has 53 world records & 9 National Records in various categories. To read more about his previous records, please click here.


Stop wondering & read about his recent feat below.

53rd WORLD RECORD – “1 hour absolute non-stop solo football”

The idea of playing Solo foot ball is his own brain-child. There is also a unique story behind it. In 2010, Limca Book of Records chose him to be honoured in Delhi for being the Indian with most records and presented a fully paid up trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, along with his wife, to watch the finals of World Cup Football match (FIFA 2010). Prof. Babu had never played football in his life and had never even watched a football match till then. However, this special gesture by Limca Book of Records had triggered in him a RECORD IDEA, and he dared to even announce in his acceptance speech in Delhi that he would set a World Record in Solo Football!

241 hour absolute non-stop solo football” consists of foot dribbling the football from one goal post to the other, hit the goal to cross the goal line and re-dribble back to the other goal post, and continue non-stop without any break for 1 full hour.

This strenuous and physically challenging record, given Prof. Babu’s age, and the fact that he has never played foot ball earlier, seemed even more difficult.

The Grueling Preparation

The record attempt required very high level of concentration, tremendous stamina, continuous controlled foot work to dribble the foot ball in the desired direction and pace and to keep the ball in continuous motion throughout 1 hour record duration. Prof. Babu practiced a lot in the last 30 days. During the practice sessions, he has been routinely playing for full one hour making 64-66 laps of foot dribbling the inter goal post distance of about 110 meters and equal number of goals.

This translated to about 7 KM of non-stop foot dribbling in 1 Hr!

The Event

The record was set following the standard norms set by the Books of Records for such feats, in the presence of media personnel and invited guests. The Authenticating Officials were Mr. Dinesh Kalathil, former state-level football player, and presently football referee and coach, Mr. S. Byroji Rao, former state-level football player and presently football coach, Mr. D. K. Kumar, ex-pilot and Double National Record Holder in marathon car driving, Mr. Adi Narayana Murthy, Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Determined to give out his best performance coupled with great focus, he achieved playing 70 laps for the record, 4 laps more than his personal best during the practice sessions.

Here are some of the event snaps:


The cutest thing about this entire event was his 10 months old Grandson ‘Satvik Sudhindra Sharma‘, to who he dedicated the achievement. 😀

Dr. Babu with his 10 months old grandson
Dr. Babu with his grandson

What Next?

Prof. Babu has already begun practicing for his next world record – Longest Non-Stop Volleyball Rally. Yes, you heard it right, that would be his 54th!!

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