So…Are you compromising your “Firsts”?

“To a woman the first kiss is just the end of the beginning but to a man it is the beginning of the end.”…Be it a man or woman -nothing beats the first kiss…right??


…But wait a minute…ain’t everything we do for the first time equally important? And don’t they still reverberate in our mind afresh? I remember my first teacher…first cycle… first crush…and what not? Hold this thought for a moment while we delve deeper into what made our firsts so special!!

Let me tell you about “My firsts” (I’m sure you will relate to at least a few!)

  • At 14, my first wedding crashing- a random marriage party for the free food
  • My first date, at 18, in a live music session
  • At 21, my first corporate convention in Hotel Taj
  • I went abroad at 22, boarded a cruise, attended the Biggest Expo event ever
  • At 23, I got to meet my favorite celebrities

The list of FIRSTS, my friend, is endless. You should, in fact, thank all your ‘Random Hosts’ for gifting you the amazing memoirs. I bet you miss that!

We are a team dedicated to make your FIRSTS epic in every aspect. Now, you must be thinking, “Where exactly do we fit in?”

Well, we are here to amplify the fun in those moments and make them worthier for you. We don’t want your parties & events getting compromised with limited options in town. We enable you to go beyond that. Let me explain ourselves a bit.

IMG backdrop

In the age of makemytrip & bookmyshow, we present to you a different vertical altogether — InviteMyGuest. We are here to help arrange artists/ service providers/ eminent personalities for your events. Don’t misunderstand us but we don’t let you book any artist or eminent personality. To us, that’s an inappropriate nomenclature. We help you ‘invite’ them. We give you the name – ‘Host’. And, we call them your ‘Guest’. We are not just committed to let you invite your favourite guest but are also determined to get you out of the unorganized shackles of the current event management industry, while creating an organized, streamlined and transparent experience for everyone. We wish to give you access to almost all kinds of guests you seek, while eliminating the hefty charges usually levied by multiple middlemen in the market. We will change it and you will love it. That’s our vision and a promise!