Meet Lakshmy – a serial entrepreneur, popular actor & filmmaker

lakshmy2Lakshmy Ramakrishnan is today known as a unique filmmaker, talented actor, popular reality show presenter and a social activist.  She was married to Mr. Ramakrishnan, a Post Graduate engineer from IIT Madras, when she was 18 years old, after which she moved from a small town in Kerala to Chennai, in Tamilnadu, in order to stay with her husband. She was doing her B.COM by correspondence from Madras University during that time. Lakshmy was bit by the entrepreneurship bug during a diploma course in Fashion Designing at Kothari Institute in Chennai, after her graduation. She went ahead and started her own small scale enterprise with just one machine. The institute introduced her to the process and encouraged this step.. Slowly and steadily, her perseverance and hard work paid off.

Venture#1: That one machine grew into a huge factory and Fashion Boutique in Mylapore area of Chennai.

Meanwhile, Lakshmy also started an innovative venture ‘We Help’. This idea (today widely known as Hyperlocal concept), she said, was inspired by a Malayalam film, where in, the hero and friends start a business in the local residential complex.  It served its customers with local service providers like electricians, plumbers etc. and also organized specialized parties and get together.

hyperlocal2Venture#2: ‘We Help’ began with a subscription model starting with Rs. 300 per month, which eventually brought in  3000 members over a period of one year.

Meanwhile Lakshmy’s husband travelled to the US and Singapore and settled down in Gulf, in 1992. Lakshmy moved along with him and two daughters to Muscat which led to closing down of her boutique, factory and business in Chennai.


Lakshmy’s third daughter was born when they were in Muscat, but she continued to pursue her dreams. She had to discover her options and the market need in the new place. Her new venture was about organizing vacation camps for children between the age group of 6 to 14 years. Her talent source was the unemployed, qualified wives of many professionals working in Muscat.

Venture#3: She started off with 60 children but soon the strength increased to 5000 per year.  ‘Kids Camp’ became popular and expanded into an activity center in a 3000 Sq. Ft. area in a huge shopping Mall in Muscat.

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Media Coverages of the Kid Camps & Events in Oman

Many companies like Toyota, National Bank of Oman, Genteco, etc. sponsored events for Kids Camp. Kids Camp also diversified into Event management in due course.

Kids Camp also hired local women as volunteers and trainees.  This gesture was acknowledged by the Oman Government and Lakshmy was awarded for her contribution towards the welfare of Omani women in year 2000 😀


20160324_153456In 2001, Lakshmy came back to Coimbatore, mainly for the education of her three daughters. She was happy spending time with aged parents and in laws. Attending and catching up on several family functions was also exciting for her and the children. Mr. Ramakrishnan continued his tenure in Muscat, he visited family once in six months.

In 2002, she participated in a beauty contest for married women, organized by Rotary and was crowned with the title of Mrs. Coimbatore. This brought in enough media attention which opened the doors to a whole new world. A fortunate accidental meeting with the ace writer / film maker, brought her the supporting role in a Malayalam Film – Chakkara Muthu.  Coming from a conservative family and married into an even more conservative family, it was a difficult task for Lakshmy to convince the elders in the family about the new opportunity. With the support of her husband and children, Lakshmy went ahead and did her Debut in 2006.

With Divine Grace, (as she puts it!!) there was no looking back after that!

40 films as an actor in 3 South Indian languages and one in Hindi, 3 Directorial ventures, 700 episodes as presenter for a very popular reality show and many advertisement films as model: these are Lakshmy’s achievements from 2006 to 2016, apart from grooming her daughters into 3 responsible, individualistic, ambitious young ladies…

Lakshmy’s next feature is at the scripting stage, the second season of the reality show is on air…


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