[EXCLUSIVE] The nation wanted to know & here we are with Biswapati Sarkar!

Its difficult to match an interview upto Arnub’s standards but we managed to get the serious side of Arnub talking here (and that’s not our excuse 😉 ). Biswapati Sarkar opened up on how he got the role of Arnub. It might sound like a Bollywood cliche moment really. The Actor who was supposed to play Arnub’s role didn’t turn up & he just owned the show! Ok now, Let’s get back to some serious shit, we hope you won’t get offended! [kidding] 😀

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An EXCLUSIVE “Uncensored” Khurafat, RJ Nitin ke Saath!

Thrill is what you call when you get to hear a voice LIVE which you hear everyday on Fever 104 FM (Mon-Fri: 5 PM – 9 PM) & is a part of your lifestyle. InviteMyGuest was honored to have hosted Delhi’s Top Prankster RJ – Khurafati Nitin at TEDxFMS 2016. Here is an excerpt of an exclusive interview with him: Continue Reading


Software Engineer turned filmmaker makes it to Bollywood!

Most people we come across everyday live quite ordinary and predictable lives. Our education, career path and even success in life appears to be linked to our families, upbringing, situations etc. making it almost impossible for many to even try getting out of their ‘zone’ and fly free towards their true calling. Here we are talking about someone who actually did it, and did it rather well! Continue Reading