An EXCLUSIVE “Uncensored” Khurafat, RJ Nitin ke Saath!

Thrill is what you call when you get to hear a voice LIVE which you hear everyday on Fever 104 FM (Mon-Fri: 5 PM – 9 PM) & is a part of your lifestyle. InviteMyGuest was honored to have hosted Delhi’s Top Prankster RJ – Khurafati Nitin at TEDxFMS 2016. Here is an excerpt of an exclusive interview with him:img_20160903_114516


You being a radio personality, radio has been an integral part of your life. It has also been quite important for India too, both before and after the independence. What do you think radio has to offer to the masses? How is it better from the online resources or the television?

You know the question is already a statement and I just need to throw a few words in here and there. Radio is for the masses…so there are places where television can’t reach and not everyone has access to it because its more expensive. Radio is cheaper form of entertainment and it has a wider appeal because it can reach in nooks and corners where print media or TV might not. Having said that, radio in India is still in its nascent stages. I have been doing radio for 15 years now, but I still say this because the market has been evolving in a big way. If I look back say around 15 years when I started doing radio, its very difficult to compare that radio and this radio…its almost like 2 different mediums within one.

For instance, CHR, which is Contemporary Hit Radios…when they came into India, it changed the way people used to listen to the radio. Earlier, there was a lot of talk on air…RJs used to talk a lot and play a little bit of music. They also had a particular style. With the advent of private FM and CHR, radios became more real. Now the radio jockeys don’t put on an act or an accent. They are themselves. Some RJs still do it but I would suggest otherwise, because the more real you are, the better people will connect with you and that’s what radio is…a medium to connect. Like for example, if you pick up a newspaper, you cant call up and start talking to the editor and say that you know this is the story that I just read and even if you can, its not that the editor will, in real time, start writing that online and people will start seeing it, right?

nitinIn radio, its different. I can go on air and launch a question talking about traffic or whatever…people will go on and connect in real time, so it makes it larger, more real and very personal. When you read a newspaper, you don’t feel it’s been written for you; when you watch television you don’t feel the anchor is doing the show for you, but when you listen to radio, a good radio jockey will make you believe that the radio show is being done for you. It becomes a private medium. A lot of jockeys make mistakes by saying stuff like ‘aapsab jo mujhe sun rahe hai’…you are not supposed to say these things on air. The idea is that all your talk should be for one person, so I should think in my head like for e.g. I am doing the show for Siddhi…so I keep her in mind without saying the word Siddhi, but I’ll say ‘kya baat hai aaj suit me badi achi lag rhi ho’. So you should feel that connect that the show is being done for me. It has to be singular, everything has to be singular…you can’t be addressing an audience.

When in your life did you decide to become an RJ and what motivated you ?

I never decided to be an RJ, it just happened by chance because I wanted to be an actor and I still want to be an actor, still waiting for an opportunity.

In Delhi, whether we like it or not, theater and acting don’t have much scope. The mother of a college-mate suggested that I should apply in radio. My mamaji cut out newspaper clippings for me and I applied without much thought, and just got through! …and when I started doing it, I started enjoying it because I used to love playing music, I used to love talking a lot…now I was getting paid for it. ‘Mil gayi to achhi naukri hai, yehi kar lete hain’. 😀

What is the most difficult part being an RJ?

The most difficult part is that you have got to disconnect with yourself everyday. The idea is that you have to connect with the audience. It also means that you must put aside all your problems, trials and tribulations. You have got to leave them at home and then get on the mic.

At times, it becomes a task, after all, we are all humans. Let’s say for e.g. that I got into a fight with my wife. I can’t show that on air, right? Or if I am not well…there have been days when I have had fever of 104 but I have been on air, people don’t come to know. Only some listeners, who  have been listening to me for along time would call up to ask if I was okay, because they figured out that I didn’t sound like myself.

So yes, there are such days. The idea is that the audience has come to you, they tuned into you, so the least that you can do for them is to give them a good joke, and at times, it’s difficult.

RJs these days are diversifying their approach towards media. They are venturing into television, anchoring various shows…what is your take on that?

Not trying to show off here, but I think I was one of the first RJs to come on television. Roshan Abbas did it before me. I used to do a show on Times Now called ‘Brand Equity’, and another one called ‘Bradys Day Out’. Then, I did two shows on NDTV – one of them was called ‘Dilli ki Khurafat Nitin ke Saath’. I used to do a show called  ‘Living Cars’ on News X, so dabbled with television a lot and the thing is, once you get into the medium of radio, you get to work on your voice a lot. It is addictive, you want to be seen and that’s not possible on radio. If you looked like me, you really would not want to be seen. No it’s really not like that. 😛

So if you get to try your hands in politics, would you do that?

I will not give you a diplomatic answer. Yes! I definitely think that I would want to dabble in politics. A lot of people will say “No, I want to stay away from politics.” I don’t want to stay away from politics not because I want to rule or throw my weight around. I do a lot of CSR on radio and a lot of things to try and help people. But if I was in a powerful position, where, for example, there were funds etc. I think I would be able to help more people. I don’t know when exactly will that happen.

There are three things which are really big in India – Cinema, Cricket and of course politics.

Have you ever been played to a bad prank?

I have been played to prank a couple of times, more than a couple of times. But people actually figure out that it’s me and play along and the call goes into 10 min 30 min and they are just playing along because they want to give you back. In the end, when I am about to reveal  that it’s a prank, they will reveal it and say “you don’t actually think I fell for that” and “mujhe malum hai aap Khurafati Nitin bol rahe ho”. They do that a lot of times, but we don’t play that because it’s not a lot of fun to hear pranks about yourself!

One person you are afraid to play a prank on?

My boss, my CEO because that will mean no more increment. 😉


Credits: Siddhi Jain (A Member of DU Times – The Interviewee), Sanskriti Tomar (For all the intelligent questions)

P.S.: There was no censorship involved. ‘UNCENSORED’ word was used to grab your attention & we got it 😀

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