Age was not a hurdle for this young social entrepreneur from Qatar!

Seldom does it happen that you meet someone and tell him that you would like to cover his story someday. InviteMyGuest’s co-founder, Vivek, met Amanat Solanki from Mission20 in Doha (Qatar) when he was gearing up for a Guinness world record attempt. Mission20 is a youth organization for social responsibility that played a key role in setting up the record of World’s Largest Human Smiley in March 2015.

How Mission20 started?

In 2007, when Amanat Solanki was 14, he founded Mission20 – a group of like-minded youth who decided to do everything possible to spread the awareness of community and environmental issues. Their first goal was to support the Kainat Foundation – an NGO run by Shakil Ahmed Kakvi (his biology teacher, environment coordinator and the head of scouts and guides at MES, his alma mater).

Kainat Foundation School, Bihar (India)

“I remember the reaction of Shakil sir when we donated our first monthly donation to support the education needs of a few students wanting to study in the Kainat School of Bihar, India. He was surprised to see this gesture from students of our age, who were in turn inspired by him.” recalls Amanat.

Yes, they saved at such a tender age to support students in need, and that too from a distant country. Building a hall in the Kainat School was their next vision set towards the mid of 2009.

Sports and Charity – A Successful Combination
footballWhen just saving pocket money didn’t work, Amanat and his team used their little sports management skills and contacts to organize a small cricket tournament to raise their first donation for the Mission20 hall. Surprised by the quick success and relatively easy way to make money after tireless efforts, the next in line was the Mission’s Trophy 2010 – a Football Tournament, in support of the Qatar 2022 FIFA world cup bid. There’s been no looking back since then. Every year, the tournament gets bigger and more exciting. The players also understand the real motive behind it. Once the winning team even donated their cash prize to the cause of providing education to the underprivileged, showing their true sportsman spirit.

A few years back, ‘Mission20 hall’ was successfully built on the 1st floor of Kainat School, making it the biggest hall there for regular classes and other activities.

Charity & Guinness World Records
Most of Mission20 events are held inside Qatar but support several communities abroad. For example, they’d take local charity organizations in Qatar on board and raise money for Gaza, Syria, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. through bake sales, collection boxes, SMS, sale of T-Shirts, art/photography, etc.

Fundraising campaign for Bangladesh

Mission20 has been involved in several big events and has also made history with two Guinness World Records to its name.

IMG_6488 IMG_8565“If anyone asks me what few things of Mission20 are you proud of? I will start with the two Guinness World Records that Mission20 was part of. Our first record is very special to me. In partnership with Qatar Charity, we planned to collect 14 tons of clothes to break the previous record. In the end, we ended up collecting close to 30 tons in 24 hours at Aspire Park, Qatar. This event got Mission20 a very good coverage in local and international media.” – Amanat recalls.

The second Guinness World Record was one of the biggest events of Qatar in 2015, wherein 4047 participants formed a massive human smiley for a retail launch project headed by Vivek Pateshwari. Mission20 was the proud activation partner which managed the entire smiley formation and crowd control.

High Esteem for a Brighter Future 

Amanat is working hard to make Mission20 a self-sustainable non-profit organization with its five objectives intact. It will soon start hiring full time staff members.

“With Kainat Foundation and Reach Out To Asia, I have gone on volunteer trips to several countries. In India, I have slept in an unfinished school. I have spent nine days in a jungle in Turkey. These were the things I needed to see and understand.” – Amanat quoted in Qatar Today

These transformative experiences inspired him to start such annual trips within Mission20 so as to give youths a real experience of being among the underprivileged communities of the world and a chance to work on impactful projects. The trip would kick off with certain states in India and then expand to further territories. Mission20 is always ready to hear out ideas and for any meaningful partnerships with individuals and private or public organizations to achieve its goals.

Amanat Solanki is an inspiration and a role model for youth. You can send him an invite for an interactive session, guest lecture or a talk, by clicking on the ‘Invite’ button in his profile here.